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So, what is a Pet Profile?

Your Pet Profile gives you access to your pet's health care and medication schedule, and lets you communicate with us online, and learn more about your pet's individual health and life-stage issues.

  • Request and track appointments
  • Check your pet's vaccination and exam status
  • Order presciption refills
  • Receive medication reminders
  • Access answers to your pet health questions
  • Receive important medical alerts

How much does a Pet Profile Cost?

Pet Profiles are a service we provide free of charge to all clients with active e-mail addresses.

How can I get a Pet Profile?

Visit Creature Comforts Animal Hospital or just give us a call at 217-586-2537 and give us your e-mail address.

Once you provide us with your e-mail address you'll receive your password by e-mail.

How do I view my Pet Profile?

You view your Pet Profile by visiting our website and clicking on the cat or dog buttons. You can then use your e-mail address and password to sign in. You must have "cookies" turned on in your browser in order to sign-in. You can bookmark the sign-in page, but not your Pet Portal, since it exists only when you are actually signed in.



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