Our goal at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital is to create the most positive experience possible for you, your dog or cat. A trip to the veterinarian should not be something you dread, but something that you enjoy, even if Fluffy doesn't.

We would love to hear about your experience at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital. Did a staff member make you feel at ease, make you laugh, or maybe even cried with you? We want to hear about these experiences and share them with the community. Please feel free to submit a testimonial if we have touched your heart in any way; I'm sure that we'd agree that you have touched ours too.

Wow this place goes above and beyond to meet your needs!!! My dogs are going to be boarded for a short time and they are making special arrangements so they will have total comfort while boarding. Popeye and Betty Boop don’t know how lucky they are to have a place who cares about them❤️❤️❤️


I have been so touched by the compassion of Dr Wheeler and her staff. They have gone above and beyond with our two Sheltie's and most recently our grandson's little dog.

~Mica Witt

Thank you so much for the tender care you have our beloved Josie yesterday. She looks, smells & feels so good. You were all so kind &
professional. I will call this week to schedule her other appointments & her next grooming. So many prayers were answered in finding Creature

Bless each of you,

~ Sandy D

Two weeks ago we were visiting Illinois from Charlotte, NC. in our motor home. On Sunday our 11 year old Golden/Labrador Retriever, Shelby, fell while climbing the steps to our motor home and lost the use of her right rear leg. Our daughter knew about Creature Comforts and in fact Shelby had been seen there a few years ago. Dr. Wheeler agreed to meet us at Creature Comforts that Sunday afternoon and spent about 2 hours giving Shelby a careful neurological examination. Her diagnosis was not very encouraging. It was probably an impingement to the spinal cord either by a damaged disk or (after a consultation with the University of Illinois vet clinic) possibly an embolism pressing on the spinal cord. According to Dr Wheeler, the damaged disk the prognosis was not very encouraging. The loss of use of her leg would likely be permanent. If it was an embolism, some recovery was possible. Dr. Wheeler prescribed a month of bed rest for Shelby. It has been a real challenge to protect the foot as Shelby could only drag the leg behind er and natures calls require visits outside. Two weeks later we are seeing significant improvement every day. She is weight bearing on that leg and becoming more mobile. Thank you Dr. Wheeler for interrupting you Sunday afternoon to help Shelby.

~ Warren

Dr. Revis is the absolute best Mahomet has to offer! That is if you are looking for a vet who cares and goes above and beyond. She is thorough, attentive and knowledgeable and has a very professional team. In addition to providing excellent preventative care she has gone out of her way to be available to my family in emergencies. After my parents needed an ER neurological visit for their lab mix while visiting me they didn’t want to return to their home vet in NC, he just did not compare. I can’t emphasize how good it is to have a vet who cares and shows it. When it was time to euthanize my sweet 13yr old lab she showed us love and made a sad and difficult situation as simple as possible. I use Creature Comforts for all of my veterinary needs and I recommend them wholeheartedly!

~ Kelly



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